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Student life

ChabadAU has been enhancing Jewish life and providing a home away from home for students at American University since 2012!
Scroll down below to see some of our awesome programs!

Shabbat Dinners

Fresh Homemade Challah. Steaming Chicken Matzah Ball Soup. 4 Courses of Deliciousness.

Our popular Shabbat Dinners fill your stomach as well as the soul. Join an incredible group of students at Rabbi Shua and Esti's for one of our famous Shabbat dinners!

Pasta and Parsha

Adam and Eve - What Really Happened? 

Individuality Vs. Equality.

The Kabbalah of Happiness.

Join other students in exploring these modern, relevant topics through a Jewish lens. Plus, enjoy delicious ziti and snacks!No prior knowledge necessary, just show up and join the conversation. Even if you can't read Hebrew, this is for you!

Girls Night Out


Many lasting friendships have been made at this "girls only" club. Meeting once a month, Girls Night Out is an opportunity to hang out, connect, and have fun with other young Jewish women, just like you. 

Jewish Holidays and Festivals


Whether its the High Holidays, Sukkot, Chanukah, Purim, Passover or any of the other Jewish Festivals, ChabadAU has got you covered! We provide meals, services and parties and so much else you'll want to fill your holiday needs. Check our calendar for more information.

Free trips to Israel !!

From Winter and Summer Birthright trips, to Israel study and internship opprotunities, to post-Birthright social trips, Chabad AU works together with Taglit-Birthright, Mayanot, and Chabad on Campus International to provide you with unbelievable opportunities in your homeland!

Whether you're looking to go for a week, a month, or a year, contact us to hear about an option that works for you!

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